As part of the Alabama Accountability Act, all individual and business Alabama taxpayers can designate a certain portion of their state tax liability for 100% tax credit to directly donate to Prichard Prep for scholarships to eligible students.  In other words, you get to SEE EXACTLY HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BEING USED TO HELP REAL STUDENTS! 


Prichard Preparatory School partners with Scholarships for Kids, a Scholarship Granting Organization ("SGO") that is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping administer this funding.  All Parents are still expected to pay $2,000 per school year or

$200 per month, so these taxpayer funds go towards the remaining $6,000 (full tuition is $8,000 annually) per student costs.











How The Accountability Act Works For Taxpayers:


  • You are not just giving a donation. You are getting a tax credit. By redirecting a portion of your tax liability to Scholarships for Kids, you reduce the total amount of your tax bill by 50%.

  • All taxpayers (individuals and all businesses based in Alabama) may donate up to 50% of their Alabama tax liability for the current year to Prichard Prep for 100% tax credit.

  • $50,000 annual max for individuals; no max for businesses.

  • Qualifies for federal income tax deduction.

  • For example, an individual with $10,000 of state income tax may make a $5,000 donation to Prichard Prep, receive a $5,000 state tax credit for the donation, and therefore only owe the state $5,000.

  • $30 million statewide annual limit for donations each year beginning January 1, and it fills up FAST.  First come, first serve basis for donors.



How Do I Register My Donation For Tax Credit?


  • Go to and follow instructions to create a "My Alabama Taxes" (MAT) account. 

  • Sign into your "MAT" account with your newly created username and password to reserve your tax credit. Click "Donate to SGO". Choose Scholarships for Kids as your Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) of choice.

  • Print your confirmation screen and mail your check on the same day, payable to:

       Scholarships for Kids

       P.O. Box

       Birmingham, AL 35202

  • Get the Tax credit! Once your donation is verified, you will receive your tax credit receipt from the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) in the mail.

  • With your check please enclose a note specifying that you were motivated by Prichard Preparatory 
    School to make your donation. Click HERE if you would like to print our enclosure letter template.


Once your MAT account is created, repeated (i.e., quarterly) donations need to be reserved each time you make a donation.


   If you have any questions about making your donation for tax credit, please contact us.

Prichard Preparatory School