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Building a Strong Academic Foundation


In order to prepare Prichard Prep students for the challenging curriculum in middle school at Mobile's local college preparatory schools, Prichard Prep teachers and administrators have designed a rigorous foundation for students to develop their academic talents.  Our students SAT test scores remain competitive with local college preparatory schools and magnet schools, and our small class sizes (maximum of 16 students per class) allow for students to get more individualized attention.  In addition to offering a traditional curriculum, every student also takes Spanish, technology, music, art, Bible, and physical education.  In order to sufficiently cover each subject, our students have an extended day that runs 7:30 AM- 3:00 PM.


Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Navy and with the help of The University of South Alabama, Prichard Prep offers a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program to students.  Every student takes technology daily, and they specifically enjoy playing DimensionU, essentially a video game that challenges them with math and literacy questions.  This program has proven highly successful in raising students' SAT test scores every year.

In addition, every classroom is equipped with Smart Board Interactive Technology and internet access, allowing students to research various subjects.  To view our curricula, please click HERE.


While focusing on the students' academic development, teachers and administrators equally encourage character development while providing a loving and nurturing environment to students.

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World
Spiritual and Cultural Child Development


"What you know is important, but what you do and how you act are more important." -Sandy Stimpson



In order for our students to become well-rounded leaders, Prichard Prep emphasizes the importance of good character to students. As a non-denominational Christian school, students assemble in weekly chapel and learn Bible stories and lessons daily. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and enforce self-respect and respect for others. All teachers and administrators serve as mentors and counselors for students to encourage friendly and Christian attitudes, and prayer is always a central practice. Our children learn to pray with each other, and when our children face discipline issues, teachers often turn to prayer to help provide the necessary support and love. As a result, we are fortunate to not have many discipline problems.


Since Prichard Prep was founded by local pastor Dr. Ruby Eldridge, love and prayer are vital to the school's existence. Many of our students come from broken homes, so we strive to love and nurture them to encourage them to learn in a safe space.


Famous author and motivational speaker Andy Andrews has presented at many Prichard Prep fundraisers in the past, and one of his messages comes from The Butterfly Effect, the theory that even the smallest action a person makes can change the world. We have adopted this philosophy to positively reinforce selfless acts of kindness our students do for each other and for their teachers. Children that are seen doing something nice for someone else without expecting something in return are rewarded with a "butterfly" and a pancake breakfast.


In addition to providing a friendly and Christian environment, we expose our students to various cultural and social experiences. Prichard Prep teams up with community partners, and in the past, St. Paul's Episcopal School has hosted school plays for our students to attend, Mobile Ballet has performed multiple shows for our students, the PTA sponsored a school-wide field trip to New Orleans, and we regularly have local leaders come speak to our students about various topics. Our goal is to help students develop their individuality and introduce them to the arts and new ideas.

Early Childhood Development


For most of our Pre-Kindergarten students, Prichard Prep is their first formal school experience.  Our teachers teach consistency and structure to help encourage students' spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development.  Students form positive habits and attitudes about school, and by the end of the school year, many of them have learned to read books independently.


Within the first few months of the school year, all Kindergarten students have learned to read independently and begin taking Accelerated Reader comprehension tests.  In this nurturing classroom environment, students enjoy learning and develop responsibility, decision-making, and independent thinking and curiosity.  Through social and cultural experiences, students learn how to respond to various situations in a healthy way.  To view our Early Childhood Curriculum, please click HERE.



Rigorous and Limitless Elementary Learning


In 1st through 5th grade, Prichard Prep students progress into motivated productivity and an appropriately challenging curriculum.  As they grow and mature, teachers raise academic expectations through complex concepts to encourage creativity and critical thinking.  Through long-term assignments, students learn responsibility, independence, and organizational skills to help them succeed in school and transition into middle school.


At Prichard Prep, teachers allow students to advance at their own level.  If a 1st grade student reads on a 3rd grade level, they read 3rd grade level Accelerated Reader books.  If a 4th grader shows exceptionally strong math skills, they may advance to the 5th grade math class, for example.  Students have no limit to their opportunities of learning, and our teachers challenge them to meet their capabilities.  To view our Elementary Curriculum, please click HERE.


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